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Bangin’ Cornbread Dressing

from the SSB Kitchen


YIELD: ~14 cups


1 recipe SSB Down South Vegan Cornbread

½ C melted Grassy Point Vegan Spread

3 T extra virgin olive oil

5 C chopped vegetables (combo of onions, celery, sweet peppers, fennel…)

4 large cloves garlic, chopped

½ bunch fresh parsley, minced

1 pound Original Bangers (Crumbles or chopped)

3 t dry or 3 T fresh herbs of your choice (sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram…)

1 ½ C vegetable stock (we like Better than Bouillon No-Chicken for this dish)

2 ½ t ground flax meal whisked with 3 T water

1 t sea salt

1 t fine ground black pepper

Generous dash Grassy Point Pepper Sauce (or sub hot sauce of your choice)


Cut room temperature cornbread into ¾” cubes, or crumble by hand if you’d prefer it that way. Spread on cookie sheet and place in cool oven, then turn on oven to 400 degrees.

While oven pre-heats (and cornbread toasts), chop vegetables. Heat olive oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat until it sheens, then add vegetables and margarine and saute until al dente, 3-5 minutes.

Transfer to large bowl and add toasted cornbread and all remaining ingredients. Mix well but gently until well combined and spoon into oiled baking dish or large, warm cast iron skillet.

Place on center oven rack and turn down temperature to 350. Bake uncovered until it’s nice and hot and as crusty as you like it, ~35 minutes.