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Brimson Bangers MILD 10# Box [FROZEN ROLLS or CRUMBLES]

Brimson Bangers MILD 10# Box [FROZEN ROLLS or CRUMBLES]


BRIMSON BANGERS are the northern-Minnesota-made healthy alternative to meat-based sausage that have MORE PROTEIN per ounce than pork and beef sausage, about half the calories, a fraction of the fat and zero cholesterol. Made a batch at a time with wholesome ingredients and delivered to you with care. Available in 10# Rolls, 10# Crumbles and ComboPak (5# Rolls, 5# Crumbles).

Mild Bangers have the texture and savory flavor of Original Bangers but without the heat and a bit more northern Minnesota maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.

Put some savory in your next dish with Brimson Banger Crumbles!


  • soup & chili

  • omelets & scrambles

  • burritos & tacos

  • pizza & pasta

  • “faux-sage” gravy & other “meaty” sauces

  • shepherd’s pie & other hotdishes

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